Last week, Ramsey County Judge, Laura Nelson, stated she would have a decision on whether the Minnesota State Fair could prohibit 'License to Carry" gun owners to carry guns at the State Fair before the fair opened it's gates today.

Well, she came through on her promise a ruled in favor of the Minnesota State Fair, which has long prohibited guns at the fair. With not much time to spare, her ruling came in in less than 24 hours before the fair gates opened.

According to WCCO, court papers were filed yesterday (Wednesday) denying the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus' motion to get a temporary injunction keeping the fair from enforcing it's handgun ban.

Despite arguments from the caucus' attorney, Scott Flaherty, that the ban violated Minnesota statutes and the 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms.  The State Fairs attorney, Leah Janus, argued that the fair has the right to protect the “health, safety and comfort”.

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Janus also argued that a 2017 Court of Appeals precedent, where they allowed the Metropolitan Airports Commission to ban guns at the Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport also applied to the fair.

Personally, I believe the desire for those with a permit be allowed in the fair with their handguns stems from the rash of recent gun violence in Minnesota and wanting to protect themselves.

The fair will have fair goers pass though metal detectors and hopefully that will keep any gun violence from happening at the fair.

So, now all you have to fear is weather, COVID and maybe a bad corn dog. Enjoy!

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