Phil Vassar‘s latest single, ‘Let’s Get Together,’ has already cracked the country top 40 — a familiar place for the singer, who has released a whopping 19 chart hits since making his debut with 1999′s ‘Carlene.’

But ‘Let’s Get Together’ isn’t just another hit for Vassar. It’s part of a new beginning — and a flurry of activity that could see him wind up releasing three albums in the next six months.

After recording a series of hit records for Arista Nashville and Universal South over the last decade, Vassar has gone indie, starting his own label, Rodeowave Entertainment. It’s given him a new freedom, as he told Taste of Country during a recent interview.

“I’m just excited,” he explained. “I feel like I’m cutting my first record all over again. I think that’s what’s really good for me … just the excitement of doing things like this and doing them different. Having this new company is a real breath of fresh air.”

Vassar is already promoting his first Rodeowave release, a live album, and while ‘Let’s Get Together’ rises up the charts, he’s in the studio, working on his next two projects. “I’ve cut 12 songs for the new album, but we just don’t know exactly when we want to put it out yet,” he explained. “It’s really different. I’ve got a lot of different things on this one. I’m excited about that, just because it has a lot of different flavors. It’s been nice just having the opportunity to take my time to do this thing.”

And after that? Vassar is already completing a Christmas album, which he hopes to have out in November. “So I may have three records out in the next six months, which is crazy!” he laughed. “I do know I’ll have the Christmas record done [this year]. I’ve always wanted to do one. We’re in the middle of cutting all that right now. There’s going to be several originals on it, which is cool. I’ve written a couple of Christmas things. I really like them. It’s been a lot of fun.”

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