Pete and Cindy got to spend last week down in Mexico for Boots In The Sand, where it was sunny and 85.  I think they felt bad for me being stuck here in the cold, especially when they know I'm such a wimp.

As you can tell, they brought me back this really cute beach bag.   I kind of resemble the girl on it and the saying is perfect for me.  Now if it would just get warm enough for me to use it!  We'll get there...the sooner the better.

It got me thinking about the trips I've taken and the things I've gotten people and then trips friends have taken and the things they brought back for me.

When I went to Disney World I got my Grandma a coffee mug with all the Disney characters on it.  I purchased my first legal bottle of alcohol out in Wyoming and I still have it.  I have a friend who went to Mexico several years ago and I kept joking she should bring me back a sombrero and of course she was an adorable little magnet!

What's something fun you've brought back from a trip or someone has brought back for you?