I am not a fan of packing because I always seem to forget something.  I've gotten a bit smarter and I now make lists.  I'm sure Pete and Cindy are all good to go as far as packing but I've got a list of things they may not think to take along.

Sure, they're going to pack clothes, makeup and personal items but they might forget these things, so I've made a list of what they need and why they may want to take it along.

  • Camera -- It never hurts to have a little leverage against your morning show partner. Just make sure the midday girl doesn't get her hands on it!
  •  Medical Supplies -- Pete's been known to hurt himself, so it's best to just be  prepared for it!
  • Sunscreen -- The lobster look isn't flattering for anybody.
  • Flip Flops -- I know this is 'Boots in the Sand' but us Minnesotans have been wearing boots for the last three months.  All we've felt is cold, white snow.  Let's change it up with warm, white sand.
  • Duct Tape -- Somebody's bound to be too chatty on the trip! (My money is on Pete!)
  • Bug Spray -- I don't want to see them get eaten alive.
  • Inflatable Toy -- Remember in Home Alone 2 where Kevin gets the inflatable Bozo the Clown toy for the pool?  Yeah, that's what Pete and Cindy need!
  • Surf Board -- I think they need to learn to ride the waves!
  • Swimming Goggles -- Cause they're stylish.
  • Photo of me -- This serves a dual purpose.  First, they're definitely going to miss me and second, it will remind them I'm back here in Minnesota freezing!

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