Pete and Cindy will be taking a trip down to Mexico toward the end of February for Boots in the Sand.  I know all too well, and you do too, that they're probably going to get in to some mischief while they're down there.

You know the old saying, what happens in Mexico stays in Mexico.  I would imagine Pete and Cindy will remember that saying and are probably going to use it to their advantage.  I suspect they're going to get wild and crazy and I can only hope someone gets it all on video!

Here's a list of the ten things I believe they're going to do in Mexico:

  • Go skipping down the beach because they finally got a taste of warm weather
  • Scuba dive with Dierks Bentley -- that would be amazing!
  • Do cannon balls in the pool
  • Lounge on the beach wearing their newly purchased sombreros
  • Pete is definitely going to hit up the water slide
  • Cook and practice their Spanish with Jana Kramer
  • They're definitely going to go to a tequila tasting (and we know how well those go!)
  • Have some fruity drinks, jump up on stage and belt out tunes as though they're Dierks Bentley and Jana Kramer (probably in their sombreros)
  • Paddle boarding with Brantley Gilbert
  • Cindy is totally going to turn Pete into a sand mermaid (hopefully she will send pictures for me to post online!)

I don't know about you but I think this sounds like a blast!  If you want to get in on this tropical country music adventure, get your tickets soon.  Check out package details here.