If you've ever had a child bullied in school, you know how heartbreaking it is to watch your child slowly crawl into their room, and question their worth.  You feel like a failure as a parent. You question whether you should keep them out of school completely and turn to virtual learning.  When virtual learning isolates them even more, you put them back in school. They sit after day after day in the lunch room, because other kids are afraid to say hello, in case they might be the next target. They are humiliated, called unimaginable names, and told that they aren't worth anything. Those words are hard to ignore day after day after day. Kids hold it all in and it affects them for the rest of their lives. It is NOT their problem...It's ours, and we need to stop ignoring it. They DON'T deserve this kind of treatment. Turning a blind eye is showing the world that you have no compassion.

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It's NOT okay that we are still allowing this to happen.  I've heard that educators feel like their hands are tied because you can't really punish kids for doing these horrible things. And since they don't see it happening, what are they supposed to do?  Too bad so sad? Really?  You're okay with this?  The sacrifice of a couple of kids for the good of the rest?  It makes me absolutely sick, and it just keeps happening.

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I talked to a friend the other day that told me their child, who is one of the most giving kids I've ever met, is still dealing with this. He has been dealing with this for years and is now a teenager. He has a wonderful family and siblings and gives to his community with his whole heart. He is fighting for his best life, but nothing. Not ONE other child will do a thing about it. Where are those kids?


I'm challenging the kids in school that have the power of "Popularity" on their side, to stop this from happening. can help with this. You can encourage those who are able to help those who are victims.

If you are that student that is confident; You are friends with everyone. If you see a peer in school sitting alone in the lunch room, why not go sit with them? Why not have a conversation with them? A kind conversation? Sometimes you don't know what to say if you see someone different than you. How about " you mind if I sit here with you? So I've never talked to you before.  My name is_____. What's yours? Where are you from? What music do you like? Would you like to come sit with us?"

I recently went online to see if there were any type of websites out there that are dealing with this issue, to find other great kids looking for peer friendship, and I found one that I think could make a difference. When traditional means aren't working, let's find other ways to make lasting friendships happen., was started by another individual that feels the same way I do. is a place where parents can go to find other parents who are seeking friends for their children in their geographical area. It is strictly for parental use. It is simple, safe, and secure. You just create a profile, select a city and start connecting with other parents. It also allows other parents to find you and start making meaningful connections.


Friendships help prevent anxiety and depression. Friendships build confidence, self-worth, a sense of belonging and overall well-being. The website provides another tool in your toolbox, to help parents find kids friends, by matching them based on shared personality attributes and interests.

There is a minimal annual fee that is really in place just to keep the website going. To me, the small fee is well worth making meaningful connections, and the more people that use it, the better we all are.


I'm so thankful to Dan for giving us here in central Minnesota the opportunity to try Friendometry for FREE for one year. Just enter the code "Kelly" and get your child started on a new path.


According to Friendometry, childhood loneliness has life-long consequences. Children who do not have friends are at a higher risk for anxiety and depression when they get older and it can lead to lifelong emotional struggles. Having just one friend can be life-saving, and result in higher self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth.

There are currently millions of children who do not have friends, and there are NO online matching options for our kids. Friendometry emphasizes safety and is a safe way to change your child's life for the better.


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