Minnesota Nice, it's a thing, seems to have taken to the road, as one Minnesota Sheriff's Office is reminding people that there is nothing wrong with using the zipper merge correctly, and it will actually save us some time when we have to reduce lanes because of construction.

The Chisago County Sheriff's Office took to social media to share their thoughts on Minnesota drivers' inability to zipper merge and even penned a song to go along with it.

Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM
Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM
Dear Minnesota,
You still refuse to zipper merge, because you’re too nice to “cut in line.”
So we thought we’d we write a little love song to all of you.
Your friendly neighborhood Sheriff’s Office
Oh we’re all victims of ‘Sota nice
We sit in one lane and we pay the price ⏱
The zipper merge you want to fight
Oh you need to learn the lesson, need to learn this lesson
So take the wheel, yes let it happen,
Use that blinker and driiiivvvveee
Oh don’t you dare block me
Just keep your eyes ahead
I said you’re holding back
Dear Minnesota this is your destiny
Image Credit: MnDOT
Image Credit: MnDOT
I'm not quite sure if the song is a parody of a song, or a new composition, either way, one of Minnesota's most humorous Sheriff's Office's is putting smiles on our faces once again, and reminding us to merge the way we were supposed to, at the last moment, and to take turns letting other drivers in.
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