My favorite drinking game: Hämmered-Schlägen! (Getty Images)

Feeling like getting adventurously drunk somewhere far away from home? Don't we all!

Oktoberfest is the yearly celebration of beer...but you already knew that. Munich, Bavaria, Germany is the holy land of beer celebrating...but that's far away. So where in 'Merica can you celebrate your temporary German heritage?

Besides 'anywhere.'

The best places (according to 'A New Study") in 'Merica to celebrate Oktoberfest may or may not be where you think. How's that for not bothering to assume?

Besides Pete's garage, here are the Top 5 Best Places in America to get Oktober-faced.

  1. Cincinnati, OH ranked 2nd in Oktoberfest Traditions (O.T.), 7th in cost...but 45th in Safety & Accessibility (S & A). Get drunk for relatively cheap, but wear body armor!
  2. New York, NY ranked 3rd in O.T., 2nd in S & A, but - being New York - 83rd in cost. Safely drink expensively!
  3. Portland, OR ranked #1 in O.T., but 34th in S & A and 67th in cost. Get traditionally dead drunk at great expense!
  4. Philadelphia, PA ranked 12th in O.T., 9th in S & A, and 58th in cost. Feel the expensively safe drunken love!
  5. Denver, CO ranked 8th in O.T., 27th in S & A, and 68th in cost. You can enhance your beer buzz with that 'other' now-legal buzz.

Closer to Minnesota destinations include St. Louis, MO (6th overall, 7th O.T., 13th cost, 89th S & A), Madison, WI (7th overall, 15th O.T., 68th cost, 7th S & A), and Chicago (14th overall, 21st O.T., 65th cost, 6th S & A).

Staying in Minnesota isn't that bad. Minneapolis is 19th overall, 9th O.T., 84th in cost, and 26th S & A. St. Paul is 25th overall, 17th O.T., 81st cost, 31st S & A.

If you're just looking for a cheap destination to get hammered, Laredo, Texas is the cheapest. Jersey City, NJ is the safest.

Or just buy some German beer from the local liquor store, stay safely at home in your lederhosen, and get swerved.

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