What? WHAT?!

So earlier this year, I straight-up panicked about not seeing Zoobazpalooza on the Minnesota Twins' promotions schedule. They corrected me, and all was well.

And then THIS happened yesterday:

Bert broke the news before Fox Sports North could.
They waited until LATE last night to formally Facebook-announce the atrocity.

Are you freaking kidding me?!


'Circle Me, Bert' has been an institution at Twins games -- both home and away -- for 15 years. It was reason to go to a Twins game even when they were getting their butts kicked. We could bring our signs, get on the Jumbotron and/or TV, and still enjoy ourselves even if the team we were rooting for played like garbage. It was fun!

And now the almighty Dollar has claimed another beloved institution. R.I.P., Circle Me, Bert.

The end of 'Circle Me, Bert' at Twins games, today's Sign of the Apocalypse.

BTW: Bert Blyleven himself is still alive and kicking.

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