When I saw New York Seltzer is back, I got super pumped about it. Here's how many other people are just as pumped about it making a return!

If you were a kid growing up in the 80’s then you very likely drank New York Seltzer religiously. After many years of being long gone, they’ve come back in some stores!

They kept the bottles exactly like they used to be – 10 ounce glass bottles with the styrofoam label, perfect to peel when you’re all done.


From what I saw, Coborns had 4 flavors – Vanilla, Root Beer, Raspberry, and Black Cherry. I don’t know where else carries them, but I know Coborns does for sure. There’s no telling how long New York Seltzer plans to keep these going, but I hope it’s long enough for our kids to enjoy what memories they gave us as kids.

Here's the poll results regarding "Did you drink New York Seltzer as a kid?"

83.3% - YES! Loved them!
16.67% - No, they weren't around when I was a kid.

I'll be curious if they plan to release a bunch of new flavors, or if they plan to make a stay and not just around for a limited time?

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