Wardrobe Concierge is a new business offering services including restyling, reselling and revamp a person's wardrobe.  Emily Swanson is the owner of this new business which will serve a 100-mile radius but Swanson says she could also help those in need of her services remotely if requesting.  Swanson has a long history working in clothing retail and the idea for this new business donned on her on a drive home one day.

Swanson says Wardrobe Concierge can go to people's homes and help declutter closets but can also repurpose clothing or sell it.  She says she can also build outfits for people going on business trips.  Wardrobe Concierge aims to keep the clothing jems you already have, restyle what you own and make your wardrobe more enjoyable.  Wardrobe Concierge can also consigns items on your behalf eliminating the inconvenience of the sales process.  Finally Wardrobe Concierge will put together a clothing collection that is revamped based on Emily's expertise.

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Wardrobe Concierge combines decluttering and a building of a new wardrobe.  Emily says the business is new in 2021 but has been doing these services prior to this year.  She says she can work with both men and women and can also help with a child's wardrobe.  Swanson says she's worked with whole families.  She says she understands the trust that her clients are putting in her when they ask her to come into their home.  Swanson says the initial consultation is free and the cost of her services are available on her website.

Learn more about Wardrobe Concierge here.  You can listen to my full conversation with Emily Swanson below.



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