This drought has got to end.  If you haven't been watering constantly, your lawn is probably pretty crispy unless there is a bunch of shade.  Farmers crops are suffering, and now trees are dropping leaves and/or leaves are curling in order to protect themselves from the sun and lack of rain.

Why do leaves drop from the trees in the Summer when it's hot?  I thought is was a bit strange so I had to do some research.  I figured it had to do with the lack of water, which it does, but the "why".

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According to an article I found on Courier Journal, this is a tree's defense mechanism that helps the tree survive in extreme or severe drought.

 The leaf drop is an adaptation that allows the trees to shed leaves in summer to reduce the potential for even greater water loss. The fewer leaves, the less water needed to keep them happy and the less water escaping from the soft leaf tissue.

The leaves will rarely fall from the top part of the tree or at the tips of the branches.  The reason is because those leaves will still protect the tree from the sun and elements.

I feel like I just found out that again, nature is pretty smart and will do what it needs to protect itself.  One thing that you can do to protect your trees in a severe drought like we have now is to put some mulch around your tree- but not right next to the trunk.  Make sure it's a few inches deep.  That will protect the roots.  Also, a lot of watering, obviously, will help too.

Let's try and save the trees, along with everything else during the "growing season".  Wow- we really need some rain.  Let's do a rain dance- one that brings rain during the week.  I personally would still like dry weekends, but right now, anything would be good at this point.


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