ST. CLOUD -- The Paramount Theatre unveiled a new sculpture Thursday night.

A large steel sculpture of a pencil was created by three local artists to help celebrated the theatre's 100th anniversary.

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Mary Bruno, Karl Unsaasch and Sam Spiczka all co-collaborated on the project. Bruno says when she was approached by the Paramount about this project she knew exactly who to call.

It was a no brainer. I said I know it's short notice but what do you think and they just pulled it off. We came together and made something beautiful.

The new downtown St. Cloud landmark is titled "Write On" and was made from steel, stained glass and is lit from the inside.


Spiczka says he has been working with steel so long like it's like drawing with a pencil.

You don't have to think when you're using a pencil, you just kind of do it base on repetition and practice. Now when I work with steels its the same type of thing.

Unsaasch says the concept of creating a giant pencil symbolizes how some of the greatest works of art start with a pencil and paper.

Everyone recognizes a #2 ticonderoga even though they don't call it that, they call it a #2 pencil. But in the arts a ticonderoga is respected, but yet its still accessible, which is kind of the point of art. You want to bring people up and have a higher meaning but at the same time you want it accessible.

The sculpture unveiling is the first of five events scheduled between now and December to celebrated the Paramount Theatre's 100th anniversary.

Paramount Art Sculpture

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