My Uncle, my fathers' older brother Harold, passed away recently. There were so many things that we knew about Harold; and then; there were so many things we didn't know.



I remember Harold as a kid; and I remember Harold as an adult. As a child, I found him to be intimidating, but jolly. He loved to play tricks on us kids; and probably gave me my first lessons of 'getting over it' and moving on. Everyone in our family knows about his crushing potato chip magic trick that made many of us cry because we fell for it. I remember him laughing hysterically at my innonence and looking back; it makes me laugh to imagine it from his point of view.



There's so many things that Harold did in his lifetime...Some of which I learned at his funeral over the weekend. I learned that he pulled a women out of a burning vehicle; whom he became life long friends with later; I learned that he also saved the lives of his neighbors, who would have perished had he not answered their call and plea for help.

I learned that he was a sponsor to many individuals in AA.

Harold was always interested in my life and the life of my children; and even though he wasn't THEIR Grandfather, he would take the boys and myself out to eat with my Aunt Janice, and get them to talk. That's really something! My kids were all very fond of Harold, and I could tell that this was a death that really affected them.

Harold could cuss like a sailor; was strong as an ox; loved his family and wanted to know them and be a part of their lives.

In a way, I feel like Harold is still here.  In his 84 years of life, he made lasting impacts on so many in positive ways. He fought with his own demons, and lived a life that most of us would only hope to.

I'm thankful that his death brought all of our family together again, in typical Harold style, I'm sure this is just what he wanted. For all of us to be together; and start a conversation.


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