I can't tell you how many song demos I must have done the 20 years I lived in Kentucky. We had an amazing recording studio in our home, that so many talented local artists performed in; if you love bluegrass you'll know some of the big names that visited our studio. Don Rigsby whose an amazing award winning Bluegrass vocalist; and amazing players like Roger Coleman, who was just a kid when he came to our studio, and now plays for Justin Moore. There are so many.


Wayne Davis; an incredible lyricist, gave me my first ever opportunity to record one of his songs on my album, "When Love Comes Knockin."  BUT...There was one song in particular that he wrote, that was my first opportunity to sing in a Nashville Recording studio, with some of the most talented musicians I've ever heard. I think it might  be one of my favorite songs of all time.


The song was called "I Never Thought I'd Hate The Rain".  This song was supposed to be on my album, but it was such an amazing track, it didn't match the sound of the rest of the songs on my album.


I haven't heard that song in years....I moved to Minnesota and lost a lot of musical memories; including any copies of this song. Until earlier this week. I was cleaning out the garage while my youngest son was snow plowing; and found my lost CD of songs from those early days.

"Never Thought I'd Hate The Rain"- Writer Wayne Davis Singer: Kelly Cordes