A couple weeks ago, I experienced my first concussion. It was quite a scary experience. I never really understood much about concussions, and since getting one, I can't imagine how football players and other people in contact sports can get back up and back in the game.

My experience was much less dramatic than an amazing football player. I simply got up at 2 am because of Sampson my dog needing to go to the bathroom. I jumped out of bed, headed through the garage and opened the door.

Kelly Cordes

I proceeded to go back inside while I waited and then he started barking. Barking at 2 am is not a good thing when you live in town. So I went back out through the garage; bare feet and Pj's and proceeded to step out into the freshly fallen snow, and much to my surprise; there was solid ice under the snow. Down I went. I'm not sure if my rear end or head hit first. All I know is when I got back up and came inside, my feet and hands were extremely cold and 25 minutes had passed. My head was killing me and I went inside to use the restroom; only to discover: at some point, I had soiled myself! This is when I realized,  I must have been knocked out for at least 10  minutes.

I decided to come back inside and lay down. About an hour later, I got up and went to the freezer for an ice pack and then laid down until I could make a doctor's appointment.

Once I talked to my doctor,  I realized I couldn't do simple things. Every test I tried on my left side, I failed. I couldn't touch my nose with my left hand, I couldn't walk a straight line, I couldn't do some simple hand gestures. I was tired. I pretty much slept for a week. I had a the front...and in the back where I hit.

He told me I couldn't go back to work until my headaches were gone. This took almost a week. The lingering effects were nausea; if I walked too long at the grocery store, and then finally my back giving out, which was also fall related.


Some signs of a concussion come later; Concentration and memory complaints. This is what I'm experiencing now. Although my kids would say I always suffer from this since being in my late 40s, I think it's a little more noticeable.

There are other symptoms people can have. Personality changes, depression, irritability.

Rest is definitely the best thing I could have done for myself. If you have a child or someone in your family that has had a recent concussion; give them some time to get back to being themselves.


It might be good for you to learn about what to do if you fall. If a child falls. What should you expect from a concussion? How long will the symptoms last, and what happens if you return to normal life to soon?

Best advice; Listen to your doctor. Take it easy, and give your brain the rest it needs to restore normal function.

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