One of our neighbors goes to church in Monticello and they were having a fundraiser this past Saturday.  

Our neighbor has several cows and he was asked to bring a cow, along with a calf, for the petting zoo.  Apparently his cows aren't tame enough to stand being locked up in a small space like that.  He called my sister last week to see if he could borrow our donkeys -- Gladys, Pancho, Brandy and Bailey.

I figured it would be a total circus trying to get them to the church and such, but it actually turned out really well.  A temporary fence was put up on the grass, which they so kindly ate and ate.  It was pretty cool -- kids and adults seemed to love them and my dad explained why they have a cross on their backs.

I also realized that I take my animals for granted.  I see them every single day and it's a routine but there are kids in my hometown who never see animals like that.  I just assume that since we are still a fairly, small country town that seeing animals is nothing new.  It is for some people and it was pretty amazing to see their faces light up and the fun they had.  It makes it all worth it in my opinion.

What is the coolest animal you've seen at a petting zoo?

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