LAKEVILLE, Minn. (AP) _ Two animal rights groups have filed a lawsuit to stop a fur farm and petting zoo south of Minneapolis from neglecting and killing gray wolves.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund and the Lockwood Animal Rescue Center filed the lawsuit on Sept. 29 against Teresa Petter, the owner of Fur-Ever Wild in Lakeville.

The lawsuit argues that Petter breeds gray wolf puppies as a petting zoo attraction. It alleges the farm kills them, skins them and sells their fur at its gift shop when the wolves grow too old.

The agencies seek to bar Petter from keeping wolves, saying she's violating the Endangered Species Act by killing the federally protected animals and by failing to properly take care of them.

Petter denied the charges Tuesday. She says she's not violating the Endangered Species Act because her animals aren't pure-blood wolves. She also says the fur she uses comes from animals that died naturally.

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