Maybe this isn't a problem that everyone has; but there's definitely a large population of people that could benefit from what I'm looking for as my neighborhood is full of some of the largest dogs I've ever seen. My Sampson might be taller, but he's got a lot of tall legged neighbors.


I bought extra large boots for Sampson, so he wouldn't freeze his beautiful paws in this terribly cold weather when he made his trip outside to go to the bathroom. I put his super tiny extra large boots on him; he comes back in with 3. Seriously. This is not an extra large boot...who are you kidding. Seriously! Where can I buy big boots for dogs in I have to order everything online?

If you have had the same problem, I did find a few answers online. There are several companies that make really tall extra large boots. They don't look very warm; but maybe dogs don't need fuzzy filled boots as they have the fuzz already.

Depending on what you want to pay, you can pay anywhere from $25 to $80 for your dogs boots.  Something else I found that I thought was a cute idea, is they have dog socks as well...How anyone manages to keep them on their dogs feet I don't know...but the socks are to protect your floors from your dogs claws, and protect your dog from licking his feet all the time. They have grip control to to help them not slide all over the place.

For great ideas, check out these websites:

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