A new survey by This Is Money says people can tell your personality based on the color of your car. I drive a light blue car that I got for a good deal.The car dealership that sold it to me said that only a girl would drive my car so that's why they sold it to me for so cheap. I love my car and apparently it says I'm 'loyal, kind and considerate.' What does your car color say about you?

Black--It means you're charming, smart and driven...but, you can be a little stingy and selfish.

White/silver--People feel like they can trust you. I'm thinking you're probably a daycare provider.

Red--You've got a wild and adventurous side and you're also a little unpredictable. You're happy but you're also angry...bipolar?

Blue--Have you ever heard of the phrase, "you're a true blue?" That's pretty much what you are! You are "loyal, kind and considerate" according to the survey! Yay! You're just like me!

Tan/brown--You're a little cranky, perhaps boring and you come off a little mean. You're probably a high school principal. ;)

Gold--If you've ever watched Sponge Bob, you're essentially Mr. Krabs. You're greedy, money hungry and you're probably wealthy...unless, you're driving a old rusty gold Oldsmobile.

Green--The survey really didn't say. But, according to the movie "Meet The Parents" with Ben Stiller, geniuses pick green.

Pink--You're Barbie! (I threw that one in myself.)

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