Now here's a new twist on home delivery! And for some reason, I'm sort of interested. I just saw this on Facebook.

MURDER MYSTERY IN A BOX is featuring a way for you to get your detective on with a murder mystery package delivered right to your door each month. This sort of reminds me of the things we used to get in the mail as kids, but on a whole new level. Instead of just a book of puzzles and riddles, this box has  items delivered to your door, that will help you solve the mystery. You use the items to discover clues and investigate so you can catch the killer.


You'll find things like skeleton keys, old photographs, serial killer profiles and more. Each of the mysteries is designed to be solved without any prior knowledge of previous mysteries. However, all of the mysteries take place in the same town, with recurring characters, locations and story lines, so you get to learn more and more about the people and crimes in this location. It sounds like family game night to me!


This is a monthly subscription with the opportunity to quit at any time. The boxes are shipped out the last week of each month, and subscriptions renew on the last day of each month.


The cost is $29.99 per month, or you can pay for a 3 month subscription for $86.99. They also have an option for you to give this as a gift to someone. If you know someone who loves to solve mysteries, this might be a really fun gift, that keeps on giving!

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