For being a bunch of cake eaters, the city of Edina might be onto something. Edina is encouraging residents to hold off on mowing their lawns until June of 2022.

The program is called "No Mow May" and it is an effort to protect pollinator food (like grass and dandelions) and habitat during the critical transition from winter to spring. This effort was also made last spring in the city of West St. Paul. 

Participating in No Mow May supports all of Minnesota's pollinators - Minnesota pollinators include native bees, honeybees, ants, flies, beetles, birds, butterflies and more! Avoiding mowing protects overwinter habitat for native bees, and allows plants rich in nectar and other nutrients to grow as pollinator food at a time when pollinators need it most. More, more healthy and more biodiverse pollinators help Minnesota's urban landscapes and statewide agriculture thrive.

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Typically when lawns go unattended, the city contacts the homeowners to make sure they do so. That won't be the case in Edina, (unless the local HOA targets specific homes). Residents wishing to participate in No Mow May will need to register their house online and pick up a sign to display in their yard for people to see. 

The hope is that having citizens not mow their lawn will support thousands of bees and early pollinators in the area. They are also hoping that this will give residents a chance to educate themselves about environmentally friendly lawn care.

For as much flack as we give Edina, they are doing something really good for the environment. So maybe we can all lay off of them, at least for the month of May.

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