While I was looking at the things that would bring tourists to Minnesota... of course the Boundary Waters Canoe Area is one of the biggest attractions, I noticed that one is here in St. Cloud.  I'm not sure why I was surprised by this information, but I was.


I shouldn't have been surprised... it's Clemens Gardens. I drive by them every single day, and there is always cars parked all along the road near there.  Even up some of the side streets.  I haven't noticed that much traffic there in other years, I just figured it was because of COVID.

It's outside, it's pretty and peaceful.  But apparently it's been really popular many years prior to this year, and has landed  them on this list of highly popular tourist attractions in Minnesota.

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Some of the other things to check out, if you haven't already include The North Shore Scenic Drive, The Cathedral in St. Paul- which was just recently restored, Voyageurs National Park, The International Wolf Center.

The Wolf Center in in Ely, if you are wondering.  The State Capital in St. Paul, I feel like most people have seen this on a class field trip, when we could still do that... There is also the Mall of America.  I have no idea why that is considered a tourist attraction.  It's just a big mall.  I guess maybe it's cooler because of the amusement park in the middle. But really, to me it's just a mall with a lot of stores.  But people come from all over to see the  thing,.  To each their own.

Anyway, we go back to Northern Minnesota  for Split Rock Lighthouse. I've never been to the Lighthouse, but I have seen it from afar...

Also the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.  As an art major, when I was in college, I have gone to this museum a few times.  Definitely worth the tour of that place.

If you want to take a trip to Duluth, make sure you check out Canal Park and the Lift Bridge.  It's pretty cool.  And finally, there is Itasca State Park.  While you're at it, get one of those state park packages, you pay one price and then there's a discount on your admission.  Totally worth it. Especially if you like to camp and hike.

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