Not many things are more exciting than visiting a zoo. Seeing animals that we would never have the opportunity to see other than in pictures without wonderful places like the Como Zoo, which has staff members that know how to care for these rarely seen beautiful animals.

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Nan The Polar Bear is 26 years old and is from Alaska. She was brought to Como Zoo earlier this year, but many people haven't been there to meet her yet.

Nan was found orphaned under a house in Barrow, Alaska. Wildlife Authorities there decided that she was too young to be able to survive on her own, so she was taking to Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium, located in Tacoma, Washington. Nan spent about 5 years there, and then was transferred to another zoo, Toledo Zoo for the next 16 years. She then made her way to Chicago for another 4 years, living at the Brookfield Zoo.

In January of this year, a Como Zoo Donor arranged for the zookeepers to transport and travel with Nan as she was getting ready for her new home.


Today was supposed to be the last day that the Como Zoo was open for the season, but when I looked online, there were plenty of dates that you could still select for both the Como Zoo as well as the Conservatory, well into next week at least.

To make reservations to visit the zoo, you can click HERE to get in and see Nan & Neil, as well as all of the other beautiful amazing animals that live there.

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