According to a new study from Fox News, many of us get caught in the habit of using cliche` phrases at work. Phrases like "Give 110%." "Think outside the box." "Hammer it out."

We Minnesotans sort of take that list and make it our own.  Have you ever heard these phrases or better yet, used them yourself? Sorry....ope...I think you have.

Ope..... Excuse me? What's that?  Just a little squeak there. Does that mean excuse me? This is used almost anytime and anywhere; walking by someone in the hall; bumping against someone, dropping something.

Sorry...Did I look at you wrong? Did I forget to return an email? Did I get distracted and not answer your question? Did I hog the copy machine? I'm sorry.

I'm just gonna 'sneak' right past ya.   Tight quarters. Heaven forbid we might accidentally touch each other. This is a warning sign that we Minnesotans are getting uncomfortably close...apparently for you but just as well as us. It's another way of saying, I have to get something and you're in my way, but I'm coming in anyway.

Throw you under the bus. I think I own this. My old co host used to 'throw me under the bus' so much we actually had a logo made showing him standing over me smiling with his hands up in the air as a bus was rolling over me.

Oopsie Daisy. This just means we made a cute little mistake.

Let the cat out of the bag.   Minnesotans love it. We condemn our co workers for letting the cat out of the bag; because WE wanted to do it first.

You bet/ You betcha.  It got it....okay...I got it.

It's a win win.  So this means It's a win win situation...but who needs to waste time saying situation.

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