For almost two years, people who rent haven't had to worry about getting evicted because of not paying their rent.  This was because of so many businesses laying of workers, or people not being able to work, or whatever the issue was and all because of COVID.

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That is going to change, beginning this week.  This doesn't include everyone, however.

Starting Tuesday, property owners can end leases for any legal reason and file to evict tenants who are behind on rent but haven't applied to the state's rent assistance program.

And, landlords have to give tenants a 15 day notice of eviction.  That can give some people time to do what they need to do in order to not be evicted.  IF you have a pending assistance program application in the works, then you cannot be evicted.  But you do need to show proof that you have this in the works.  If you do have an application in the works, then the law states that you can't be evicted until at least June of 2022.

There are approximately 8% of people who rent who are still behind on their payments.  The thing is that most of these people are low income families and either haven't applied for assistance, or haven't heard back regarding an application that they have sent in.

There are some non-profits and other sources that are trying to help these people either get an answer on their assistance applications, or get an application in if they haven't applied for assistance.  They want to help them stay in their homes as much as possible.  This is frustrating for both the tenants and the landlords.  The landlords payments still have to be made, even with no rent from the tenants.  So, if the rental units go into foreclosure, what's the answer then?

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