If you watch Jeopardy on a regular basis, you know how hard the questions can be.  And also, how pressure there must be to first, buzz in first, and second to think quickly enough to get the right answer.

Yesterday a guy from Minnesota won in final Jeopardy to beat the 16 day champion Ryan Long.

Meet Eric Ahasic.  He is a meteorologist from Minnesota who works for the Minnesota National Weather Service.  He has tried out for Jeopardy for 15 years, he said it's been since he graduated high school.  Talk about perseverance - it finally paid off, and to the tune of just North of $18K on the first day.

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When he was interviewed by KARE 11 he said that he almost felt bad, like he didn't necessarily want to end Ryan Long's reign on the game show.  How "Minnesota" is that reaction?  Kind of like "no, it's ok, you go ahead and take the win, I'll try again if they let me".  No, he didn't quite go that far, and he was very happy with his win, but it's a very "Minnesota" thing to have that type of feeling for your competitor.

The show was taped in April, and they tape five shows per day. So Ahasic had to keep his win a secret all of this time.  How far will he go?  We will have to wait and see like everyone else.  I think you have to make it at least 5 games or so in order to make it to the "champion" series.  That's when Jeopardy has a special segment where the champions take on each other.  So, if you wind up the champion of the champions, that's something to hang your hat on.  But honestly, just making it onto the show is a major accomplishment.  Best of luck to Erik Ahasic!

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