Chicago can keep their deep dish, New York can have their floppy street slices, all I need in life is a slice of Minnesota style pizza.

The term "Minnesota style" has been up for debate in the past, but as someone who has made plenty of pizzas I firmly believe it is a thing. The Pioneer Press released an article in 2017 citing that Minnesota style pizza is composed of:

A thin crust, square cut, loads of toppings cheese and a spicy “passive-aggressive” sauce.

I'm not sure what makes a sauce passive-aggressive, but the rest of the pie sounds on point.

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Let's use Heggie's Pizza in Milaca as an example. It is super popular at bars around the area, and I made quite a few of them when I was a bartender. The pizza has a delightfully thin crust, an absurd amount of toppings and it is covered in cheese to lock in said toppings. The slice usually has so much on it that the sauce causes a slip and slide effect and the cheese/meat combo falls right off. Pure perfection.

Plus when you are serving it to a crowd you get more bang for your buck by cutting it into squares. What Minnesotan wouldn't want that? I think that really is the defining feature of a Minnesota style pizza.

Even though the jury is still out on whether or not this type of pizza is considered legitimate, I think it is delicious and the perfect way to serve the dish.

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