Minnesota is a really great state in general. We've ranked high on several lists in the past such as; best places to raise a family, happiest, etc. Well, we've done it again, friends.

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According to a new Wallet Hub study, Minnesota ranked 9th on a new list of the 'Most Educated States In America'. It feels pretty good to be us, today!

The study found a correlation between higher education levels, higher income and lower unemployment rates. That's good news, especially during the pandemic.

The personal-finance website pitted all 50 states against each other based on 18 metrics. We were measured on things like; educational attainment, school quality and even things like achievement gaps between races and genders.

Here's what the study found about the land of 10,000 lakes. Minnesota ranked second in the country for having a higher percentage of high school graduates. We also scored 4th in percentage of people with an associate's degree or having some college experience. We took the top score when we were measured on the gender gap in educational attainment. Not too bad, Minnesota!

So, who ranked better than us? We're a competitive bunch. We like to know who we've got to beat. Here's the full top 10. 

  • Massachusetts (1st)
  • Maryland (2nd)
  • Connecticut (3rd)
  • Vermont (4th)
  • Colorado (5th)
  • Virginia (6th)
  • New Jersey (7th)
  • New Hampshire (8th)
  • Minnesota (9th)
  • Washington (10th)

We're not ones to brag...but we do kind of want to know who did the worst in the country. Here are the states that ranked the worst on the list.

  • Alabama (46th)
  • Arkansas (47th)
  • Louisiana (48th)
  • Mississippi (49th)
  • West Virginia (50th)

You can find out more information regarding the study on Wallet Hub's website. 

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