Lakeville, MN Police Depart received 16 911 calls Thursday from a couple of dogs!

"We were dispatched to a 911 hang up call at a residence in Lakeville,” Officer Michelle Roberts told Fox9. After ringing the doorbell and walking around the house, they determined that the dogs were the only ones home. That's when they realized it was the two dogs inside -- a Papillon and hound -- who were making the phone calls!

“Shortly after clearing, dispatch advised us they had multiple additional 911 calls and all they could hear in the background was dogs barking."


Officer Roberts managed to get ahold of the home owner and inside the house where she found a cell phone on a desk upstairs. The phone was set on emergency call only which, presumably, is how the furry friends were able to call 911.

“Anytime we can laugh and talk about dogs calling 911, if that’s the biggest news of our day that’s a good day,” Officer Roberts told Fox 9.

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