The folks who make up the Isanti Police Department put in the work. The department also likes to post to its social media page, often on Wednesdays as part of their 'What not to do Wednesdays'. This week's 'What Not To Do' was a two-fer, and without the first part of the story, there likely wouldn't have been a theft case solved.

Essentially what happens is that a vehicle is stopped in late March (March 23rd) for having no registration displayed, the female driver is cited for driving without insurance, without proof of insurance, and for not having current registration for the vehicle she was driving.

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At the time of the traffic stop, there was a male passenger in the car, who assisted law enforcement with a timeline for how long the driver had been in Minnesota since leaving Washington State.

Fast forward to March 27th, when Isanti Police responded to a liquor store for a delayed theft call. Footage of the theft was shown to officers, and a still of the suspect was brought back to the station.

A few hours later the officer who initiated the traffic stop recognized the man from the theft as the passenger in the car. The man, whose identity was known to officers was then mailed a citation for theft.

The lesson here? Be a good person

You can read the official version below from the Isanti Police Department.

It's What not to do Wednesday!

On March 23, 2024, at approximately 8:56PM, Officer Welfring observed an occupied vehicle that displayed a 2021 registration sticker on the front license plate. Upon checking the plate in MN DVS, it was confirmed that the vehicle’s registration was expired as of March 2021. Officer Welfring observed the vehicle from a distance.

Upon the vehicle exiting the parking lot, Officer Welfring turned on his headlights and began approaching the vehicle. The female driver abruptly turned back into the lot it just came from and into a parking space. Officer Welfring initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle and noticed that the rear registration sticker had been completely removed from the license plate. Officer Schaefer arrived on scene to assist.

The female driver indicated that she was aware the registration was expired, and that she had a travel permit from the State of Washington. The driver provided her Washington driver’s license and was confirmed as the registered owner of the vehicle. The female driver gave Officer Welfring her travel permit, which was a blank form that was not validated in any way. Officer Welfring was able to verify the conditions of a Washington state travel permit. They are only valid for three days from the date of issuance, and only if filled out completely and validated. The female driver was unable to tell Officer Welfring how long she had been in Minnesota and could not provide proof of insurance.

Officer Schaefer identified and spoke to the male passenger, who explained that he and the female driver had been in Minnesota since August of 2023.

The female driver was cited with:

- Expired Registration - Misdemeanor

- No Insurance - Misdemeanor

- No Proof of Insurance - Misdemeanor

The vehicle was impounded.

The parties indicated that they did not have any family or friends in the area, and that the female driver was pregnant. Reserve Officer Gutierrez, the 2023 Isanti County Law Enforcement Association Volunteer of the Year, was requested to provide them a ride to their residence, which he did.


WHAT: Theft

WHEN: March 27, 2024

On March 27, 2024, Officer Glavan was dispatched to Isanti Municipal Liquor store for a delayed theft report that occurred the day prior. Liquor store staff had the theft on video.

Upon arrival, Officer Glavan met with liquor store staff, and he was given a receipt for the bottle that was stolen – Brother Justus Whiskey Cold Peated – valued at $97.99.

The security footage shows the male suspect arrive and exit the passenger side of the vehicle. He then enters the store and begins browsing. While shopping, he is seen with one bottle in his hand, and he proceeds to unzip his jacket. The suspect then grabs a second bottle off the shelf and begins to walk towards the front of the store. He hides one of the bottles inside his jacket, zips it up and continues walking towards the check out. The suspect can be seen adjusting the bottle under his coat as he heads up front. He purchased a bottle of Ron Diaz Rum and a pack of cigarettes, paying with cash.

Still shot photographs of the suspect were provided to Officer Glavan. At shift change, Officer Schaefer immediately recognized the theft subject as the male from the traffic stop above. The male was positively identified by comparing the still shot photos to Officer Schaefer’s body camera footage.

This case is a great example of why officers share their contacts between the day and night shifts. Someone that a particular officer cannot identify – another officer likely can. Stealing from the liquor store in town just three days after having contact with law enforcement – you can’t make it up. 

The male has been mailed a citation for theft.

Remember to be kind, play nice, and keep your hands to yourselves.

A big thank you to the members of Law Enforcement putting their lives on the line every day to keep our communities safe, we appreciate you.

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