According to the Minnesota Department of Commerce, each year, millions of dollars in property go unclaimed in Minnesota.

The Unclaimed Property Program and the Minnesota Department of Commerce keep a data base of all unclaimed property and you can search your name for free.

They store unclaimed property including; cash, stocks, bonds, securities, insurance benefits, inheritance, etc.

First, you'll need to indicate whether you're looking up unclaimed property for a person or business. Next, you'll type in your first and last name. That's it. Based on the information you provided, the system will search its database to see if you've got anything to claim.

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The database will also indicate about how much unclaimed property you have and even provide a description of where the funds are coming from.

I did a search for myself and I've got nothing. I did a search for a friend of mine and found they've got $1,000 and above from dividends.

If you've got questions, you can contact the Unclaimed Property Program at 651-539-1545 or email them at

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