Seriously, take the wheels off of the goalposts already. I'm tired of them getting moved every time I get close. It just inflames my Choad Rage.

Another joyous financial outlook for us Poors who don't make millions off that rEcOrD-bReAkiNg STrOnK mArKeT: to be middle-class in Minnesota, you've gotta be pulling almost $70k per year. I'm running out of places to pull money from.

A Middle Class Family of Four in Minnesota Needs to Make $67,830/year, Minimum

Just earlier this year (and it's only March), another study put the minimum annual income to be considered "middle-class" in Minnesota at $46,496. So what changed?

Inflation. Again.

It's the buzzword that won't go away. As the middle class keeps getting a lower and lower share of income (in the last two decades the middle class has shrunk SIXTY DAMN PERCENT) and them rich folk keep getting more (while most of the middle class gets demoted to lower class...excuse me: wOrKiNg cLAsS), the minimum income to reach middle class status grows.

#1 Among Upper Midwestern States

Minnesota's $67,830 middle class threshold is the highest among the Upper Midwestern states:

  • in Wisconsin, that number is $64,130
  • in Iowa and North Dakota, it's $61,664
  • in South Dakota, it's $62,897

At least we're not as bad as Hawaii (something a Minnesotan will rarely say): their annual income requirement to be middle class is $82,630. The Top Four is rounded out in the northeast; with the District of Columbia and New York tied at #2, New Jersey (ew) and Connecticut tied at #3, and Massachusetts all by itself at #4.

The bottom represents the geographical bottom of the United States; where Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, West Virginia, and Mississippi would consider me a financial titan.

Glad I can "make it rain" somewhere, just wish it was closer to my apartment since I can't afford the gas to get there.

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H/T: Fox 9

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