A local state Senator has authored a bill that would zero out Minnesota's first tax bracket. The bill's author, Senator Nathan Wesenberg, recently wrote on social media that the bill would zero out Minnesota's first tax bracket, to create real savings to combat the rising prices.

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The bill which has 5 Senator's co-authoring it, was introduced on February 26 and then referred to the Taxes Committee. What the bill, as written, hopes to accomplish is to not tax the first "$31,000 made" and "married couples would pay no income tax on their first $46,000."

Here is what Senator Nathan Wesenberg had to say on social media about his proposed bill.

I’ve authored an important bill that I want people to be aware of. As we know, families are struggling with inflation – costs everywhere keep rising, and instead of addressing those concerns, policies keep getting pushed through that further increase the cost of life. It’s tone-deaf. Nothing in Minnesota is being done to make life more affordable for the average family. To deal with this, I proposed a bipartisan bill that zeroes out the first tax bracket.

Currently, unmarried individuals and spouses are taxed at 5.35% for the first rate. Basically, everyone would benefit from zeroing out this rate. Individuals would pay no income tax on their first $31,000 made and married couples pay no income tax on their first $46,000. If that money wasn’t taxed, it would help every family in the state and would provide much-needed relief. It would free up more money for families to afford the high cost of living and put it towards things that make the most sense for their households. I’m surprised that this hasn’t already been considered because of how helpful it truly would be.

If the bill doesn't get past the Tax Committee by Friday the bill would likely be dead this session.

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