If you're fancy like Applebee's (no judgement, I guess), then here's a big deal for you.

Applebee's is selling a "Date Night Pass" for $200. That might sound like a lot of money, but the pass can save you up to $30 per visit, each week, for the next YEAR...saving you up to $1,560. There's nothing fancier than saving a stack of money. Well, maybe having numerous stacks of money is fancier, but saving stacks of money is cool, too.

Applebee's "Date Night Pass" Details

Of course, there are limitations to the pass: you can't use if for alcoholic drinks, and you can only save $30 per visit, once per week. The pass also doesn't cover tax, tip, and fees. However, if you use the pass just seven times you'll break even, plus ten bucks (my Crosby-Ironton math at work: $30 per visit x 7 visits = $210).

So if you and your sweetheart love Applebee's, this sweetheart-of-a-deal is for you. Supplies are limited (they don't want to go out of business) and the passes go on sale Monday, January 22nd at 11am Central time.

Remember Olive Garden's Never-Ending Pasta Pass?

This reminds me of that. I indulged in the Pasta Pass 6 years ago, and loved it. I definitely gained some weight, but they were happy pounds!

There are health-ish options at Applebee's, so if you and your significant other can indulge if you are still trying to lose weight. And, honestly, having a cheat meal or two every week actually helps you stick with your routine longer than being too strict with a diet.

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