Teresa Nelson, a local author from Milaca, Minnesota, has her latest creation available now at bookstores everywhere and online on her website, whispercounty.com. You can listen to my interview with Teresa by clicking on the player below.

The title of her latest book is "Whisper County;" A book about a missing waitress, a handsome stranger, and a 'blood spattered farm."

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The book, with 5 star ratings across the board, has been described as a page-turner, with those leaving reviews saying they loved the book and couldn't put it down. People seem to love the characters and can visualize what's happening to a good man whose romantic intentions go bad.

Teresa Nelson
Teresa Nelson


Teresa is a Pastor of a small rural church, and has written several books, where you will find her faith is a big part of her writings.

Teresa's first book, Tender Mercies for Tough Moments: A 31 Day Journey into the Blessings of God was released in 2017. She has a degree in communications and a desire to help people in difficult circumstances.

Teresa has enjoyed serving her community as a high school and community adult teacher, a case manager, an award-winning nonprofit leader, grant writer and benefit auctioneer.

She spent her childhood on a farm where she observed farmers at work, animals, nature and God. Teresa says that it was a special delight for her to listen to the visitors who sat at her mother’s kitchen table, telling their own unique stories, and drinking coffee.


When the lovely and mysterious waitress Annabelle disappears, Gus Olson's chickens just happen to get loose, and just like that, he's in jail facing murder charges.

Most of his friends have left him, and now he's having trouble with his faith.

Will Gus spend the rest of his life behind bars?

If you love a good book, a page turner, a book with 5 star review, I hope that you will support our very own central Minnesota author in purchasing her book. You can find it on Amazon, Books A Million  and Barnes & Noble, or you can learn more at www.whispercounty.com.

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