Has anyone in your family taken a financial hit due to the pandemic? It sure has in my home. With one less income coming in, things are tight. Side jobs are down, and it takes a toll on not just the person that has been left wondering why they were the one let go, and what their future holds. This pandemic has changed life paths for they thought they would be in, have suddenly changed. Guess what? Bills don't care that you've been let go through no fault of your own. You still have to pay.

So what do you do?  Think short term? Think Long term? Maybe worry a little bit about both?  That's what many people are doing here in Minnesota right now.

Have you found yourself searching online for lower interest rates, combining your loans to have fewer payments and save some money in these difficult times? You are not alone. Apparently there are many people in the state of Minnesota that are doing the same thing.

Wallethub conducted research recently using credit report data, as well as Google loan searches for three loan related terms in all 50 states.  The words searched were: Loans, Payday Loans and Home Equity Loans.

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Minnesota came in at number 6 overall.


  1. New York
  2. Maryland
  3. Illinois
  4. Virginia
  5. Indiana
  6. Minnesota
  7. Washington
  8. Alabama
  9. Kentucky
  10. North Carolina



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