Every October, Dr. Nancy and Dr. Rachel at Companion's Animal Hospital in St. Cloud, hold a "Mini Vet School" for teens ages 12 to 15 who have an interest in learning what it takes to work in the field of Veterinary care.

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I had the opportunity to visit with many of the kids this year, and they were all very appreciative of the great opportunity to learn about what it takes to become a Vet, Vet assistant, or just simply what it's like working in an animal clinic environment.

Photo by Kelly Cordes
Photo by Kelly Cordes


All of the kids were huge animal fans, and some of them were just exploring their opportunities, while others were there following their passions. One of the students has wanted to be a veterinarian since she was three years old. My dog Gloria had her bi-annual check-up last night, right before the event, so she was able to hang around and meet all of the kids during their break.


The classes took place on Monday nights for four weeks, where the students broke up into groups and worked with Vet Techs as well as Veterinarians learning a lot of different things.

Photo by Kelly Cordes
Photo by Kelly Cordes


Last night, they were learning how to do stitches for animals. In previous weeks, they've learned about what happens during a wellness visit, such as checking for joint soreness, looking into their ears and eyes, and so on.

Another week, they focused on the importance of dental health, learning how to take x-rays, and determining whether or not the animal's teeth were in need of dental work.

Ava Collier won a drawing that they had on the last night, which allows her to shadow a Vet for an entire day.


If you think your kids have an interest in the field of veterinary care, you may want to mark your October calendar for next year and reach out to them to make sure your child can get registered for this once-in-a-lifetime free event.


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