Lots of Twinkies lovin' folks are worried about the recent announcement that Hostess (makers of Twinkies) is filing for bankruptcy. I say bankruptcy, schmankruptcy - make your own Twinkies at home!

There are lots of recipes on the web for homemade Twinkies. This is the one I used.

Also, do you know you can buy a pan that makes your fake Twinkies look like real Twinkies? You can...but I didn't. I knew where these happy little snack cakes were going to end up - in my happy little tummy. So, who cares what they look like? Instead, I used a mini bundt pan I have never used until now. Cute, yes? You can also use a cupcake pan.

To fill them I used something (sort-of like this) called a Fun Gun. I don't think they make it anymore but they should because what's more fun than shooting creamy filling into cake? Ummm, only eating it I think!

My homemade Twinkies turned out really good. So, if they stop making Twinkies, come hit me up. I've got your fix.

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