Hi, I'm Abbey, and I'm a glutton for creating incredibly obscure Halloween costumes from scratch.

Every year for Halloween my friends and I like to dress up as part of an overall theme. Last year was Nintendo characters, this year we went with Disney Villains.

We had a pretty great assortment in our group, and a lot of them were DIY projects. My friends Nick and Erin were a card soldier and the Queen of Hearts. Erin used four decks of playing cards creating a skirt, crown and neck piece. My fiance Cory and friend Lindsey grouped up and did a "thruple" costume of Pain, Panic, and Hades from Disney's 1997 animated classic Hercules. Turns out they don't really sell costumes of those characters in a bag at Party City.

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This past month I have been sewing, hot gluing, driving to the craft store, painting, cutting, shaping, and hot gluing again to create our looks. We got a lot of "so what are you supposed to be's?" at the party we were at. Once we explained it though it seemed to go over well.

Sure it would've been easier to find the basic components of a Cruella De Vil or Usala costume, but what fun is that? Is it really a Halloween costume if it didn't cause you physical and emotional pain as you made it with your bare hands and a dream?

We had a blast, and hope you did too this Halloween season! Go ahead and send us your costume pictures, I would love to check them out! Use the 98.1 mobile app's chat feature!

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