When you love a particular style of food, you'll go wherever needed to enjoy it, right?  That's what the folks at Jellybean & Julia's BBQ in Anoka are hoping.  They've had a great following in their Anoka location, so much so that they need to grow.  But growing means moving to a new space in Coon Rapids.

They announced it on their Facebook page:

Welp. We are moving. Just signed papers to occupy a space in Coon Rapids with a full bar & a greater seating capacity. We are super sad to be leaving Anoka, but we have to grow. We absolutely love the customer base we have gained over the years & you will be happy to hear that we will be not moving very far... just a few miles down Coon Rapids Blvd to what I remember affectionately as the old Grumpy's location. I (Koli), used to be a waitress there & that is where I met my husband (Cory), so it's pretty cool to grow our business there. It needs a crap-ton of work done to it to get it up & running, & we have to totally refigure our BBQ strategy in a new space... so in the next few months we are asking for your understanding while we go through some changes. We are hoping for a February opening date (subject to change) at the new place. In the mean time we will experience an interruption in BBQ production. Our current location will be open the whole time serving our killer burgers, wings, handcut fries, sides & breakfast on Sundays. We are going to substitute some pre-smoked products until the end of the month, Chopped brisket sandwiches, pulled pork sandwiches and some ribs on the weekends. No More catering orders will be taken.

We are very excited for this new venture & we hope you are too. I have a lot of love for the new location. It has fallen into a bad state unfortunately, but we are going to make it awesome. We hope to see you still come in to our current location for all of your burger & wing needs, and then see you at the new bar!

Oh! And we are gonna fill our current space with a great new tenant! So be sure to check them out too!

We will be doing a Kickstarter to raise funds for outfitting the new location to meet health dept. compliance for smoking BBQ. We hope you will be able to help. Thank you love you!

The good news, as you can see from their post, is that they aren't moving far.  You'll find them in Coon Rapids in February (date subject to change).  They did set up a kickstarter, as mentioned in the post as well.  You can get that link and other updates on their progress on their Facebook page HERE.

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