My passion for bagels started when I lived in New York City for a few years.  You can get them at every bodega (like a convenience store) in the city and most are made right there.  There's much discussion on what makes them so incredible. Is it the water?  That's what many will say.  I just say they are delicious!

Well, it looks like a Bagel shop right here in Minnesota has figured out the mystery of what makes an incredibly delicious bagel.  Because this shop was just named one of the best in the Country by Food & Wine.

The Rise Bagel Co. is located at 530 N. 3rd St. in Minneapolis.

Today on #NationalBagelDay, we wanted to reintroduce ourselves & reflect on our roots.

Rise debuted at the Fulton Farmers Market in 2014. We launched our business because we wanted to elevate the bagel experience.

Our unique recipe pays homage to old-world-style bagels. They are proper and far from imposters—not those “rolls with holes” that weigh you down all day. Made the old-fashioned way with time and care, they are crispy with a contrasting interior, chewy with a yank & generously coated (on both sides) with the finest #ORGANIC ingredients. Made here in Minneapolis, just the way we like them.

We Believe In:

The art of bagel making. Organic farming practices. Creating recipes from scratch. Using minimal ingredients. Protecting planet Earth. Partnering with local businesses. Cultivating community. Providing exceptional service. Making brighter mornings.

Thank you for your continued support & for celebrating this special day with us!

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Looks like it's time to make a bagel run to the Cities!  See the full list from Food & Wine.

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