Exactly one week from today is St. Patrick's Day. Everyone seems to find a reason to celebrate in their way. Some might enjoy an adult beverage, others might wear some green, and still, others might want to ring in St. Patrick's Day with their own 'greenie' wherever they are, even if it isn't at the home of the 'greenie'; Tony Jaros Rivergarden.

St. Patrick’s day weekend check list … stop in and grab your essentials!!!

The famed NE Minneapolis bar is offering up again this year its signature 'greenie' recipe for those who want to ring in St. Patrick's Day away from the famed bar. The kits will run you $14...but bring cash.

Tony Jaros Rivergarden's long-held 'greenie' recipe was a closely guarded secret until the pandemic hit. Then, Tony Jaros Rivergarden offered up make-your-own 'greenie' kits. It was a way for the bar to make money while it was closed to in-person business during the pandemic, but it also created a market for the make-your-own 'greenie'.

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Since the pandemic, Tony Jaros has offered up these make-your-own kits around the holidays of Thanksgiving and St. Patrick's Day still to enjoy a 'greenie' with your loved ones, even if it isn't at Tony Jaros Rivergarden.

For those unfamiliar with what a 'greenie' is, it is:

one part Vodka

three parts lemon sour

one teaspoon greenie's mix

one teaspoon of Collins mix

stir the mixture, and if you'd like add a straw, finally enjoy.

The drink is one that people have been enjoying for more than 50 years according to the bars website.

"The Greenie® made it's debut from the trunk of Tommy Jaros' car, Tony's son, at softball games. A short time later, it was introduced as a specialty drink at the bar. Today, the colors have exploded to include Pink, Brown, Purple, Blue and Orange. Over the years, guests of Tony Jaros' River Garden have met their special someone, celebrated birthdays, weddings, mourned the loss of a loved one, made friends, laughed, told stories and jokes while enjoying an ice cold Greenie®."

If you plan on stopping up for a kit, or to simply see what all the hype is about for a drink called a 'greenie', remember to bring cash, as that's all the business takes.

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