A mall in Minneapolis on Monday got an unexpected visitor. A vehicle was driven through a wall and into the mall Monday, and amazingly no one was hurt! A security camera caught the crash, and the quick actions of people inside the mall to make sure everyone was alright.

VIDEO from the vehicle that crashed literally "into" the Karmel Mall on Monday.
29th and Pillsbury Ave, Minneapolis

Video of the car crashing through the exterior wall of the mall was caught by a security camera at the Karmel Mall in Minneapolis. The Karmel Mall is described online as being a "shopping center featuring stores for African clothing, books, home furnishings & more, plus dining."

The mall, which is located on Pillsbury Ave in Minneapolis has been open since the late 90s.

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Sabri Properties, which runs the mall, notes some of the mall's history on its website:

Karmel Mall refers to our two buildings known as Karmel Square and Karmel Plaza. The mall is the largest and also the first Somali shopping center in the United States. Both buildings share a parking ramp and offer all types of goods, food, drinks, and services of Somali culture. The square building was first purchased in the late 1990s and opened to the public as Karmel Square in 1998, and the plaza was built in 2005. 

Honestly, when you watch the video in real-time, amazingly, no one was hurt, especially since the car was heading straight toward two women who were sitting at a table across the hall from where the car crashed through the wall.

It's unclear what caused the driver of the car to leave the road and crash into the building.

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