If this Reddit post is to be believed there is a restaurant out there, somewhere that charges customers extra for 'bad parenting'. What that means I suppose is up to the restaurant staff, but it got me thinking about it, is this a bad thing?

I mean, since restaurants are now passing along plenty of other charges, why not add this one to the menu, and use it when needed?

Image Credit: LPineapplePizzaLover via Reddit
Image Credit: LPineapplePizzaLover via Reddit

I don't think it happens a lot anymore, kids running wild inside a restaurant, but when it does happen it can ruin the atmosphere for everyone.

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I get it, my brother has 3 kids all separated by just a few years and whenever he and the kids joined us out to eat when they were younger, it was common that a meltdown would occur. It can be embarrassing, but in that moment you just want your kid, or in my case niece or nephew, to calm down and feel better. I don't think the charge would be for this type of incident.

I think this charge is more for the parents who let their kids run wild in restaurants. I saw plenty of that when I was working at Don Pablo's in the early 2000s. Kids would be tearing around the restaurant, loose change in their hands, running back and forth from the water fountain in the middle of the dining area and back to their tables.

It was uncomfortable having to tell these kids they couldn't do that, and then having their parents look at you like you told their kids they were adopted rather than they needed to chill out and sit by mom and dad, we weren't working at AirMaxx Trampoline Park, but a restaurant with hot skillets of fajitas and plates.

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