Look at all the worms! I walked outside after work last week, saw the worms, sat my purse down and took a photo. There were worms everywhere. Now...I'm not sure that it was my parents that told me these things? But I DID believe everything they told me...and they did have some fun at my expense.

Why are their worms all over when it rains? I was told by someone that it was raining worms. It doesn't always happen, but when it does...there are lots of worms falling from the sky.

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I also thought along those same lines that it really did rain cats and dogs...and frogs for that matter.

I also believe that I had a giant babysitter that looked like Hagrid from Harry Potter. My parents told me that he was coming to take care of us and that we had to be really good because he was big, mean and scary.  The thing is; I was so excited to meet him that I wasn't scared. I must have thought that I was a really good kid.

I also believe for the longest time that WIND CHILL was WIND SHIELD. I truly thought that it meant that's how cold it was under the windshield.  I'm thinking this was something that was accidental, but my Dad was great for saying silly things when we were growing up. He would change lyrics to songs and my Mom would shout, "OH DENNIS!"

My favorite is the song "Dust on the Bottle."  He always changed the line of the song that said, "Might be... a little dust on the bottle. but don't let it fool ya..about what's inside."   He always sang, "Don't let it fool wife's inside."   Whenever my family group Power Cordes performs that song, that's how we sing it.

What things were you told when you were a kid, that you believed? And did you carry on the tradition of sharing those same stories with your kids?


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