Remember getting a pittance for doing chores all week?

Growing up in the country, I had to weed a half-acre garden; mow the half-acre lawn; feed ducks, geese, chickens, goats, whatever other animals we had (peacocks!); wash dishes; clean my room...weekly. The dishes were a few times per week.

My take home (at home) every week? $2. And that's if there was enough extra money (rare) to pay. Otherwise, just be happy that had food, electricity, plumbing, and a roof over my head.


Sure, it was 30 years ago and times have changed and blahblahblah, but it feels like kids are doing less for more.

A New Study stopped by again, this time to piss me off.

The average kid nowadays gets $8/week base salary for allowance...that means before even doing chores. $8/week for just being there. Parents are paying extra for chores.


Today, washing the dishes often means load the dishwasher. Parents are paying kids another dollar to do the dishes load the dishwasher.

Cleaning their room nets them an extra $2.

Taking out the garbage (that THEY made!) gets them another dollar.

Maybe I'm just getting old (GET OFF MY LAWN), but a base salary just for being a kid? What does that teach them? Just be there and you'll get paid!

I fear the future...mainly because I can't afford to pay my kids a freaking 'base salary'. It's hard enough to get them to do chores, but if I have to pay them just to do a chore -- especially for cleaning up their own mess -- then you can find me in a Siberian cave. Far away from civilization.

Just as long as I get cell reception/internet.

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