My kids have been asking me to make Sushi for a long time. The thought of having to make it at home? It sounded like a nightmare? I had NO idea where to get the seaweed wraps for starters; I figured they would be expensive and hard to find. Alas; not so much! Everything for this recipe was available at WalMart!


  • White Rice
  • Cream Cheese
  • Frozen Shrimp
  • Fresh Avacado or  Guacomole
  • Seaweed wraps


Fix rice per directions. I only added  a pinch of salt. As your fixing your rice, you can be preparing your shrimp. Simple get a strainer; pour your frozen shrimp in the strainer, and let cool water run over the shrimp until it's not frozen. This only takes a few minutes. If you are going to use Fresh Avacado, open it up and cream it in a bowl. Get your cream cheese out of the fridge and put in in a bowl until it's spreadable as well.

Get a kitchen towel and plastic wrap. I folded my dish towel in half, then laid it flat on my cutting board, with a piece of plastic wrap on top of it. Put one seaweed sheet on the plastic.

Take a scoop of rice and place it on the seaweed wrap. Wet your hands with cold water and spread the rice so it is a very very thin layer of rice over the wrap. Then, at the edge closest to you, and a think strip of cream cheese all the way across, topped with a think layer of guacamole all the way across, then take chopped up shrimp and place it on top of the mixture.


This really wasn't that bad but just be careful. You want to start wrapping the sushi; and using the towel to help you start the wrap works really well. Keep using the towel to push as you wrap your sushi. It should stick together once you've completely wrapped it; Then move the sushi wrap to another dish; and continue filling and rolling sushi wraps until you run out of rice. NOTE: Once you get this down, it's easier when the rice is fresh; the longer you wait the harder it can be to wrap as the rice starts getting sticker.


Once you have all of your wraps made, take one at a time and cut the sushi into 1 to inch pieces to your liking.


Although I didnt use any topping at all, you could use Soy sauce, or other sushi toppings and drizzle across the plate for a delicious tangy flavor and a fancy looking platter.



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