Do you have a drafty older home? Do you have a home where you just feel like there's no way you can keep the cold air out? You're not alone. Many people own older homes, some close to 100 year old homes, that have no insulation in them at all.  It doesn't mean that you have to continue to live that way through the winter months.

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My good friend Eric Cheever is an expert when it comes to older homes, and how to make your home draft free.  Eric works with Rethos...Places ReImagined, an organization that is ALL about saving old homes and buildings. Learn more by clicking HERE.

Tuesday, February 16th, you can attend this webinar
"Keeping The Weather Out: Home-Owner How-To's"

This will be a two hour LIVE class taking place from 10 am until Noon on Tuesday, February 16th.

The class costs just $19.00, and will include:

  • Live demonstrations
  • Videos
  • Question and Answer segment

Eric will go over simple home maintenance techniques and easy to do repair ideas for those nagging areas of your home.

Attendees will be able to submit questions before the webinar begins, so that they can have their questions answered that day during the webinar. This is a must do for any homeowner, no matter how old or what style your home is. Think of all the money you could save by just learning a few simple techniques to keep those drafts out and the heat in.

Click HERE now to get registered for this event. They are asking $19.00 but if you can't afford that, they DO have a FREE or Pay What You Can option.


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