There's absolutely nothing wrong with setting goals for yourself and wanting 2016 to be better than 2015.  It's admirable but I don't get in to making resolutions because they don't work for me.  That doesn't mean I don't have some things I'd like to achieve for 2016, I've just got a different way of going about it.

When I hear people talk about their resolutions they seem big.  Like 'I'm going to get myself in shape this year.'  If you don't already exercise regularly or eat healthy, that's a huge change.  Congratulations if you can make those drastic changes at the drop of a hat but I'd be willing to bet that the majority of people can't.

Here's what I do, I make little goals for myself.  For example, in 2015 I wanted to drastically cut back on my Mountain Dew intake and it worked for a bit in the beginning of the year.  Then it picked up again but late in the summer I began donating plasma.

One of the recommendations is to stay away from caffeine on donation day and drink lots of water to make the donation go faster.  Having seen the differences in how donations can go, I have increased the amount of water I drink and cut back on the Dew.  It's also led to me eating better and in turn, I feel better.  Knock on wood but I haven't been sick this winter when others have, which I believe is due in part to healthier living.

My goal for 2016 is to keep up that momentum and see where it takes me.  Yes, there are other things I want to achieve in the coming year but I know it's all baby steps and I think once you get a handle on one thing, the rest will come together.

What about you?  Do you make resolutions, mini goals, or none at all?